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A physiotherapist discusses cervicogenic headaches

A physiotherapist discusses cervicogenic headaches

What does a cervicogenic headache feel like?

How frequently have you experienced headaches before deciding enough is enough? How frequently does the hammering in your head keep you from working?

You experience headaches not only at work, but also at home. Do you recall becoming irritated with your roommate, spouse, or children? Well, none of this should take over your life! There are numerous causes of headaches, with the neck being one of the most frequent causes.

A physiotherapist discusses cervicogenic headaches

What causes cervicogenic headaches?

Headaches are universal to all of us and despite it being such a common problem, unfortunately, it is not a very well understood condition due to there being many different causes of headaches. Fortunately, cervicogenic headaches are well known by physiotherapists, and thus we are well-equipped to assist you in treating them.

What are cervicogenic headaches?

Headaches called cervicogenic (or cervical) headaches are linked to neck pain. We may frequently feel a headache on the same side of the neck pain if we have any cervical spine problems or neck discomfort.

For instance, we can also suffer a headache on the left side if we have pain on the left side of our neck. In order to determine whether or whether the headache occurs when the neck discomfort is worsened, Billy Gilhooley your physiotherapist may enquire.

What causes cervicogenic headaches?

Only when the cervical spine is also involved can a cervicogenic headache emerge. That instance, any neck pain or problem will result in a headache.

Cervicogenic headaches may be caused by a number of factors, including:

– Poor alignment

– Weird or inefficient movement patterns

– Using a worn-out cushion

– Anxiety

– Diet

– Hormonal adjustments

What are common symptoms of cervicogenic headaches?

The following signs and symptoms are frequently seen by those who have cervical headaches: 

– A headache that solely affects one side and doesn’t shift.

– Limited neck motion

– Reproduction of pain with movement of the neck or upon application of external pressure to the neck

– The arm, neck, or shoulder pain is on the same side as the headache.

How do we treat cervicogenic headaches?

Your physiotherapist Billy Gilhooley at Specific Physiotherapy is able to help treat and manage your cervical headaches. There is strong evidence that shows physiotherapy as an effective treatment option for treating cervicogenic headaches.

Your treatment plan may include:

– Gentle mobilisation and soft tissue massage to specific muscles

– Dry needling

– Addressing any posture related issues in your neck

– Providing advice on appropriate pillows

For more information contact us

Please contact Billy Gilhooley, a headache specialist physiotherapist in Preston for more information on (03) 9579 5919.

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