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Practical and supportive solutions for persistent pain.
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Don’t Navigate Chronic Pain Alone

Chronic pain is a challenging and often isolating condition that affects over four million Australians. Here at Specific Physiotherapy, we have a program for individuals living with ongoing pain that aims to reduce pain intensity, enhance quality of life, improve function, and ultimately support better overall pain management. Plus, we can manage your pain with an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan, meaning it’s more affordable to access physio care.

Specific Physiotherapy

Understanding Pain Conditions

Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts three or more months. For many, their lives have been impacted by chronic pain for years or decades. There are many types of chronic pain, including:
understanding chronic pain

Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

This includes chronic back pain and chronic neck pain. Spinal conditions like herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, cervical spondylosis from poor posture, arthritis, and repetitive strain injuries.

Chronic Pain Syndromes

There are several chronic pain syndromes, including fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome. These can be challenging to diagnose and treat due to the diverse nature of neuropathic pain symptoms.

Post-Surgery and Trauma Pain

For some, the pain after surgery, traumatic injury, or accident doesn't ease with the typical course of treatment. We can create a tailored treatment plan for you if you're experiencing this type of pain.

Headaches and Migraines

Chronic headaches and migraines can be debilitating. At Specific Physiotherapy, we can assist with headaches through posture correction, exercises, and relaxation to manage the frequency of your pain.

Specific Physiotherapy

Managing Persistent Pain with Specific Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have a special interest in chronic pain due to their extensive experience in diagnosing, treating, and managing pain. Our unique process balances education, treatment, and lifestyle changes, all with a highly personalised approach.
Manual Therapy

Our physiotherapists have proficiency in a range of manual therapy techniques, including remedial massage, dry needling, joint mobilisation and manipulation and more. Plus, we offer clinical Pilates on-site at our Preston clinic. Whether you visit for an initial assessment or a regular appointment, you'll get more 1:1 time with your physiotherapist thanks to our long appointment times.

Patient Education

Navigating pain can be confusing, especially when you don't understand the reasons your symptoms are continuing. Our physios use visual learning, such as anatomy models and posters, to give you a detailed explanation of your condition. The aim of our approach is to offer you deeper insight into your condition, as well as improved communication and better health outcomes.

Customised Exercises

We develop customised exercise plans based on certain conditions, which can be adapted and progressed to suit your progress. We avoid generic print outs and always prioritise your well being at every step.

Specific Physiotherapy

EPC Plans and Chronic Pain

The EPC plan is a Medicare initiative that allows patients with chronic medical conditions to access professional physiotherapy services. The key to accessing this plan is through a GP referral. To be eligible for an EPC plan, you must have a chronic condition that has been or is likely to be present for at least six months. This includes conditions like arthritis, chronic back pain, or repetitive strain injuries. With the EPC Plan, you can access physiotherapy sessions at a reduced cost.

EPC Plans and Chronic Pain

Specific Physiotherapy

Have a Question About Pain?

Short-term injuries typically occur after a trauma and can be diagnosed and treated in a matter of weeks or months.
Yes, we treat all types of chronic pain, including lower back pain. We know that pain in all forms can cause suffering and have a negative impact on your life. Our team want to help you find practical solutions that you can benefit from.
While there is not necessarily a ‘cure’ for chronic pain, there are ways to manage pain. There are various methods that can provide pain relief, however there is no one set plan for every individual. That’s why personalised healthcare services are essential for people living with chronic pain. Through our holistic care approach, we aim to offer a reliable and supportive pain program for people living with chronic pain in Preston and the surrounding communities.
There are many causes of chronic pain. Many people who live with chronic pain believe that finding a cause means finding a solution – however, this isn’t always the case. At Specific Physiotherapy, we aim to provide personalised treatments that are based on your needs. While we consider your diagnosis and other factors like tissue damage, pain levels, and lifestyle goals, we’ll always treat you holistically and ensure you lead your treatment.

Specific Physiotherapy

Why Choose Specific Physiotherapy?

Holistic Care

We acknowledge that psychological and emotional factors contribute to pain. Many psychological techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mind-body techniques, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, hypnosis, and breathing exercises may be helpful. We also collaborate with pain psychologists for holistic pain management.

Focus on Wellbeing

Throughout every step of the process, your wellbeing is at the front of our minds. We want to help you achieve your goals, whether that's to reduce pain, increase function, improve quality of life or something else.

Ongoing Support

Beyond treatment, we strive to offer ongoing management and support to help you live your best life and find effective ways to manage your pain.

Specific Physiotherapy

Looking for Chronic Pain Care near Preston?

With our clinic conveniently located in Preston, we offer chronic pain care for people in Preston and the surrounding suburbs. For holistic care where you’re informed and supported every step of the way, book your assessment at Specific Physiotherapy today.
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