Physiotherapy for Groin Pain

Physio for Groin Pain

Groin discomfort is among the most typical causes of pain and disability worldwide. Physiotherapy can help relieve the pain and dysfunction that might be brought on by groin problems.
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Specific Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Treatment for Groin Pain

The following paragraphs will address some frequently asked topics and describe how physiotherapy may help with groin pain. Look no further if you live close to Preston, Victoria, and need physiotherapy for your groin pain. Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Northcote, and Thornbury residents rely on us to deliver the best groin physiotherapy services. Clinical massage is one of the many techniques our knowledgeable physiotherapist may use to treat groin discomfort. Get more information right immediately by calling (03) 9579 5919

Specific Physiotherapy

Groin Pain and Physiotherapy

Sports that involve changing directions and kicking can result in groin injuries. Groin pain can also be brought on by strains sustained during lifting or when a person’s leg has been pulled sideways in non-sportspeople. One of the various methods our skilled physiotherapist may employ to treat groin pain is clinical massage.

What are the Causes of Groin Pain?

  • Strains or tendinopathies of the adductor muscles, which are located inside the thighs.
  • Dysfunction of the pubic symphysis, a joint in the front of the pelvis (this condition is commonly called osteitis pubis).
  • Muscle strains or tendinopathy of the hip flexors, the muscles on the front of the thigh.
  • Internal snapping hip syndrome, which happens when a bony protrusion in the lower pelvis grinds against one of the big muscles that cross through the pelvic and into the groyne.
  • Sports hernia, which is a lower pelvis inguinal ligament damage.
  • Hip joint pain from osteoarthritis, femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI), and labral tears.
  • Pain that is referred from the pelvic, lower abdomen, or lumbar spine.

Specific Physiotherapy

How is Groin Pain Treated?

The anatomical structures in the groin region overlap quite a bit. Our physiotherapists will conduct a complete examination before beginning any treatment to prevent misdiagnosis, improper treatment, or inefficient treatment. The course of treatment will depend on the assessment and diagnosis.

  • Manual therapy, sometimes known as “hands-on” treatment, for the hip joint, groin muscles, or tendons.
  • Altering your normal daily routine or sport to address aggravating circumstances.
  • A progression-based regimen of injury-specific rehab activities.
  • Correcting improper movement patterns or biomechanics when engaging in activities like running, kicking, or sidestepping (including video analysis in certain cases).
  • Rehabilitation tailored to sports for patients resuming exercise.
Specific Physio Groin

​Your physical therapist will talk you through the common cause of groin pain and provide you with an exercise program designed to strengthen important hip adductors muscles such as adductor magnus. They may also provide you with a hip flexor stretch to do with your knee bent. Groin area problems respond well to physiotherapy usually so a hip replacement is a far distant option. Hip pain and issues such as inguinal hernia will need to be ruled out as contributing symptoms. E.g. If you present to your physiotherapist with left sided groin pain then it is typical they check left leg and left knee just in case there is compensation wtihin the chain of movements. Issues with the obturator nerve can be assessed by your physio. More serious issues such as rheumatoid arthritis and kidney stones can be ruled out by your photo also.

Specific Physiotherapy

What Should I Do If I Have Groin Pain Right Now?

Groin pain can occasionally be a side effect of back problems. Referred pain is pain that develops when nerve signals from the body and the brain get mixed up as they travel to the brain. Your discomfort will be properly diagnosed by a qualified physiotherapist, who will also be able to point out any underlying causes, such as abnormalities in the knees, foot, or lower back.

We are situated at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, Victoria. Please use the website to schedule a physical therapy appointment. In addition, before your first physiotherapy visit, kindly provide image reports. Call us at (03) 9579 5919 if you have any questions. 

What Should I Do If I Have Groin Pain Right Now?

Specific Physiotherapy

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