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Physio Neck Pain

At Specific Physiotherapy neck pain is a prevalent issue that we recognise can significantly disrupt your daily activities.
Neck pain

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Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing pain, whether it’s chronic neck pain or acute neck pain, relief is within reach. Our experienced physiotherapists can treat your neck pain to help you find comfort and ease.

Whether you have mild or severe neck pain, our physiotherapy techniques target the neck muscles and surrounding areas to alleviate discomfort.

Don’t let neck pain persist; take the first step towards a healthier life today. Say goodbye to neck pain and regain your mobility with our professional physiotherapy services.

Get relief from your neck pain today.

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The Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it’s essential to understand the common causes that can lead to this discomfort.
Causes Of Neck Pain

Often, sharp pain arises from strained muscles due to an awkward position or prolonged tension, which can also trigger tension headaches.

Problems with neck function may stem from issues like a bulging disc, facet joint inflammation, or spinal cord-related concerns.

The neck’s intricate network of surrounding muscles plays a crucial role in supporting your head and maintaining proper alignment, making it vital to address these common causes of neck pain for lasting relief.

Specific Physiotherapy

Acute Neck Pain

Acute neck pain can be caused by various factors, including injury, overuse of neck muscles, or issues with the cervical spine. Common causes of acute neck pain often involve strained muscles, joints, or even ligament problems. When faced with limited mobility and discomfort, seeking timely treatment is essential. Fortunately, there are several common treatments available to address acute neck pain, such as physical therapy, rest, heat or cold therapy, and pain medications when necessary. Don’t let acute neck problems hinder your daily life; explore effective treatment options to regain comfort and mobility.

Speak to one of our qualified physiotherapists at Specific Physiotherapy for individualised advice on how to manage your acute neck pain today.

Specific Physiotherapy

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can be a persistent and frustrating issue, often stemming from factors like poor posture, shoulder blades discomfort, or underlying chronic conditions.

When neck pain persists, it’s crucial to identify its exact source to determine the most effective treatments. Among the most common treatments, manual therapy provided by experienced physiotherapists stands out as an effective option.

Through targeted techniques, manual therapy can help alleviate discomfort, reduce pain, and improve mobility, especially in the shoulder blades and neck area.

Don’t let neck pain hinder your quality of life; explore the benefits of manual therapy for lasting relief.

Speak to one of our experienced physiotherapists in Preston today about how our manual therapy can help you start living a healthier life today.

chronic neck pain

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions please call us on (03) 9579 5919 and a member of our friendly team will assist you.

Wondering when it’s time to consult a physio for neck pain? If you’re recovering from surgery, healing from an injury, or experiencing persistent stiffness and limited motion, it’s wise to seek professional guidance.

Physiotherapy can help improve movement and reduce pain, especially in cases like a car accident or whiplash injuries.

A holistic approach to addressing the entire body’s motion, incorporating targeted stretches, can provide comprehensive relief and aid in a swift recovery.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our trusted physiotherapist for tailored care when your neck pain becomes a concern.

Our physiotherapists play a crucial role in treating neck pain by creating personalised treatment plans designed to address the underlying causes.

Our techniques include massage, joint mobilisations, and specific exercises to relieve pain and reduce stiffness.

Physiotherapists employ stretching routines and an exercise program that target neck muscles, improving joint flexibility and range of motion.

With a comprehensive approach, we work to alleviate your discomfort and help you regain optimal neck function and mobility.

Physiotherapy has shown effectiveness in addressing neck pain by creating a customised treatment plan based on our thorough assessment.

Whether it’s tight muscles, an underlying cause, or discomfort stemming from the upper back, our physiotherapists are adept at reducing pain and improving overall neck function.

This approach is especially valuable for office workers and individuals looking for targeted solutions to their specific neck pain concerns.

The duration for physiotherapy to alleviate neck pain can vary depending on individual factors.

In cases of minor injuries or muscle-related symptoms, improvements may be noticeable after just a few sessions. However, for more complex issues like a bulging disc or severe limitations in range of motion, a more extended treatment plan may be required.

The effectiveness of physiotherapy often hinges on patient compliance with prescribed exercise and the severity of the neck pain, with some experiencing relief sooner than others.

Ultimately, consistent physiotherapy can significantly reduce neck pain and improve head mobility over time.

Absolutely, physiotherapy can be highly effective in treating a stiff neck. Physiotherapists use exercise and stretches to target the affected muscles and joints in the neck and surrounding areas.

They tailor the treatment to address the specific symptoms and underlying causes, whether it’s an injury, muscle tension, or other issues.

By working on the body as a whole and offering targeted therapies, physiotherapy can significantly alleviate stiffness in the neck and head, improving overall comfort and mobility.

If you have further inquiries about our services or require assistance with your physiotherapy requirements, please feel free to get in touch with the Specific Physiotherapy team today.

Our committed team is readily available to offer the information you require. You can reach us directly at (03) 9579 5919 or email us at

We eagerly await your contact and the opportunity to assist you.

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