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Remedial Massage Preston

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Did you know that there are many different types of massage? While some people envision a relaxing massage by the ocean, others see a deep tissue massage in their mind’s eye. And they’re all right— it just depends on what you’re after!

Remedial massage therapy takes aspects of many types of massage and uses techniques to focus on specific musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. This therapeutic form of massage aims to relieve pain caused by tight muscles, sore muscles, sports injuries, and other conditions and involves a targeted treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals. If you’re looking for a Preston massage therapist who takes the time to get to know you in a supportive and welcoming environment, you’ve come to the right place!

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Massage Treatments

Sports Massage Preston

Remedial Massage

A remedial massage focuses on identifying and addressing specific conditions and injuries and may include many forms of massage treatment depending on your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage involves your massage therapist applying firm pressure to reach deep layers of muscle and tissue and aims to release chronic muscle tension and knots.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is designed to support athletes throughout their training, aiming to promote healing, prevent injuries, and promote optimal function in their sport.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy may be tough on expectant mothers' bodies, and pregnancy massage aims to reduce the discomforts that often come along during this time. Massage therapists tend to use gentle massage techniques in an effort to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, improve circulation, and reduce stress.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a therapeutic technique sometimes used in massage therapy. It involves inserting thin, sterilised needles into trigger points in tight muscles in an effort to relieve pain and reduce tension.


Cupping is where your massage therapist places suction cups on the skin, creating a 'vacuum' effect on the underlying muscle through the skin. It aims to provide relief by promoting blood flow and helping tight muscles to relax.

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The Benefits of Massage

As remedial massage may look different for everybody, the benefits may differ from person to person. Some benefits that people may experience include:
Muscle tension release
Increased blood flow
Reduced stress
Relief from aches and pains
Reduced inflammation
Enhanced tissue healing
Improved posture
Improved wellbeing
Improved mobility
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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this depends on your specific injury, wellness goals, and how you’d like to approach your overall well-being! Remedial massage therapy from an experienced massage therapist may be a great way to address and hopefully alleviate pain for some, while others prefer physiotherapy, and some combine the two! If you’re open to physiotherapy or a remedial massage from a Preston massage therapist, our team at Specific Physiotherapy is ready to welcome you.

A relaxation massage aims to reduce stress through long, flowing, gentle strokes and gentle kneading. A massage therapist may recommend a relaxation massage as part of a pregnancy massage, corporate massage, or any other situation where relaxing is the goal. On the other hand, a remedial massage focuses on alleviating pain such as neck pain, back pain, or pain elsewhere in the body following a detailed assessment as part of a treatment plan. A remedial massage appointment may also promote relaxation, though alleviating pain is often the main focus.

A remedial massage may benefit a wide range of people, but whether it’s right for you specifically will depend on your needs, goals, and any health conditions you may have. Your remedial massage therapist will consider these and other factors at your remedial massage appointment before commencing a treatment plan.

Are you looking for remedial massage in Preston? Wherever you are in the area, we’re not far away! You can find us at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. We provide a range of massage therapy treatments for people in the local area, including Coburg, Heidelberg, Thornbury, Northcote, Reservoir, Ivanhoe, and surrounding suburbs.

While a remedial massage shouldn’t hurt, some people may experience slight discomfort depending on the techniques used. At Specific Physiotherapy, we ensure your Preston remedial massage is comfortable by communicating with you throughout the experience. Now that’s a top-quality remedial massage!

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Why Us?

Holistic Approach

No matter how you’re experiencing pain, we use a holistic approach in an effort to address your whole body.

Physios In-House

Our experienced Preston physiotherapists are on hand in our Preston clinic when you need us most.

Tailored to You

We personalise your treatment to you rather than relying on generic information and techniques, offering you better value for money.

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A remedial massage may be just what your sore muscles have been calling out for! Whether you’re dealing with back pain, neck pain, or problems with your soft tissues, our remedial massage team is on the case. We take a holistic approach to your care, treat your body like the intricate network it is, and provide education as part of our commitment to quality healthcare. Book your Preston remedial massage today!
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