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Were you aware that massage comes in many different styles? Some dream of a gentle massage with the ocean as a backdrop, whereas others envision a firm deep tissue massage. All these visions are true—it just depends on what you want! 

Remedial massage therapy combines elements from various massage styles and employs methods targeting particular musculoskeletal issues and injuries. This therapeutic massage is designed to ease discomfort from stiff muscles, aches, sports-related harm, and more, with a tailored treatment strategy reflecting your individual requirements and objectives. If you’re in search of a massage therapist in Alphington who dedicates time to understand you in a friendly and inviting setting, you’ve found your spot! 

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Massage Treatments We Offer

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Remedial Massage

Focusing on the identification and treatment of distinct conditions and injuries, a remedial massage may utilise a range of massage treatments depending on your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage entails your massage therapist exerting strong pressure to access the deep layers of muscle and tissue, aiming to alleviate long-standing muscle tension and knots.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is crafted to aid athletes in their training regimen, aiming to foster healing, avert injuries, and support optimal functioning in their sporting activities.

Pregnancy Massage

The physical demands of pregnancy on expectant mothers can be considerable, and pregnancy massage seeks to help with the associated discomforts. Massage therapists often apply mild techniques aiming to induce relaxation, soften muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and alleviate stress.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a therapeutic approach occasionally employed in massage therapy, involving the insertion of slim, sterilised needles into trigger points within tense muscles to help alleviate pain and lessen tension.


In the cupping process, suction cups are applied to the skin by your massage therapist, generating a 'vacuum' effect that affects the muscle underneath. Its purpose is to offer relief by stimulating blood flow and assisting in the relaxation of tight muscles.

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How Massage Can Help

As the approach to remedial massage is customised for everyone, the benefits observed can vary between individuals. Some potential benefits that may be experienced include: 

Easing of Muscle Tension
Improved Blood Circulation
Reduction of Stress
Lessened Aches and Pain
Decreased Inflammation
Improved Tissue Healing
Better Posture
Better Overall Health
Enhanced Mobility
Remedial Massage Alphington

Specific Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

The most suitable path for you depends on the particulars of your injury, your goals for wellness, and your personal well-being philosophy. Remedial massage therapy from a well-practised therapist could be a valuable way to confront and potentially lessen pain for certain people, whereas others may prefer the route of physiotherapy, with some opting to integrate both approaches. Should you be inclined towards physiotherapy or want to try a remedial massage from a Alphington therapist, our team at Specific Physiotherapy is ready to help you. 

A relaxation massage is designed to diminish stress using elongated, fluid, gentle strokes and mild kneading. This type of massage might be suggested by a therapist as a component of pregnancy massage, corporate massage, or in any context where the aim is to unwind. A remedial massage is aimed at pain relief, addressing issues like neck discomfort, backache, or other bodily pains, following an in-depth evaluation within a treatment framework. While a remedial massage session can also foster relaxation, its primary objective is often to alleviate pain. 

While a remedial massage has the potential to benefit numerous people, whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your specific needs, goals, and any health conditions you possess. Your therapist will assess these and additional considerations at your appointment before developing a customised treatment plan. 

On the lookout for a remedial massage in Alphington? Wherever you find yourself in the area, we’re not far off! We’re situated at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

While it’s rare for a remedial massage to be painful, the use of specific techniques might induce minor discomfort in some cases. At Specific Physiotherapy, we ensure that your remedial massage is as comfortable as possible by keeping an open line of communication with you throughout your session. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Why Choose Us?

Holistic Philosophy

Whatever your pain experience might be, we employ a holistic approach in an attempt to cater to your whole body.

Onsite Physiotherapists

Our skilled physiotherapists are ready to help at the times you need us the most.

Personalised to You

Instead of depending on standard approaches, we personalise your treatment, offering you enhanced value for your investment.

Specific Physiotherapy

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Perhaps a remedial massage is precisely what your tired muscles require! Whether it’s back pain, neck pain, or soft tissue issues you’re dealing with, our team of remedial massage professionals is on hand to assist. We adopt a holistic care approach, viewing your body as the interconnected system it is, and include educational support as part of our quality healthcare commitment. Book your session for a Alphington remedial massage now! 

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