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Are you aware of the variety of massage techniques available? Some picture a calming massage near the ocean, while others think of an intense deep tissue experience. Both perspectives are valid—it all comes down to your preferences! 

Remedial massage therapy combines elements from various massage styles and employs methods targeting particular musculoskeletal issues and injuries. This therapeutic massage is designed to ease discomfort from stiff muscles, aches, sports-related harm, and more, with a tailored treatment strategy reflecting your individual requirements and objectives. If you’re in search of a massage therapist in Macleod who dedicates time to understand you in a friendly and inviting setting, you’ve found your spot! 

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Massage Treatments We Offer

Massage Treatments Macleod

Remedial Massage

A remedial massage aims to identify and address specific ailments and injuries, potentially including multiple types of massage therapy to suit your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

During a deep tissue massage, your therapist will use considerable pressure to access deep-seated muscle and tissue layers, striving to ease entrenched muscle tension and knots.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is tailored to assist athletes during their training, focusing on enhancing recovery, preventing injuries, and ensuring peak performance in their sport.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can place significant strain on expectant mothers' bodies, with pregnancy massage designed to alleviate the common discomforts experienced during this period. Therapists typically employ soft massage techniques to encourage relaxation, relieve muscle tightness, enhance blood flow, and diminish stress.

Dry Needling

As a part of massage therapy, dry needling involves inserting slender, sterile needles into trigger points in contracted muscles to assist in pain relief and tension reduction.


Cupping is a technique where suction cups are placed on the skin by your massage therapist, causing a 'vacuum' effect on the underlying muscle. It aims to help by improving blood circulation and enabling tense muscles to unwind.

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How Massage Can Benefit You

Since remedial massage is tailored to each person’s needs, the outcomes and advantages can vary widely. Benefits experienced by some include: 

Easing of Muscle Stiffness
Boosted Blood Flow
Stress Reduction
Lessened Aches and Pain
Reduced Swelling
Enhanced Healing of Tissues
Improved Postural Stability
Boosted Wellbeing
Better Mobility
Remedial Massage Macleod

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding on the best course of action relies on the specifics of your injury, your aspirations for wellness, and your overall attitude towards health. For some, seeking remedial massage therapy from an adept therapist could serve as an effective means to manage and possibly diminish pain, while others might be more inclined towards physiotherapy, with some choosing to combine the two modalities. If you’re considering physiotherapy or a remedial massage from a therapist near Macleod, our team at Specific Physiotherapy is on standby to welcome you. 

A relaxation massage is designed to diminish stress using elongated, fluid, gentle strokes and mild kneading. This type of massage might be suggested by a therapist as a component of pregnancy massage, corporate massage, or in any context where the aim is to unwind. A remedial massage is aimed at pain relief, addressing issues like neck discomfort, backache, or other bodily pains, following an in-depth evaluation within a treatment framework. While a remedial massage session can also foster relaxation, its primary objective is often to alleviate pain. 

While a remedial massage has the potential to benefit numerous people, whether it’s the right choice for you depends on your specific needs, goals, and any health conditions you possess. Your therapist will assess these and additional considerations at your appointment before developing a customised treatment plan. 

In need of a remedial massage around Macleod? We’re conveniently close! Locate us at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

A remedial massage typically shouldn’t cause pain, but the application of certain techniques might lead to slight discomfort for some individuals. At Specific Physiotherapy, we guarantee a pleasant remedial massage experience by engaging in continuous communication with you. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Why Choose Specific Physio?

Holistic Philosophy

No matter the type of pain you're facing, our approach is holistic, focusing on addressing your whole body.

Onsite Physios

Our skilled physiotherapists are available whenever you need us most.

Individualised to You

We adapt your treatment to your unique circumstances, avoiding the use of broad-stroke techniques, which means you receive more for your money.

Specific Physiotherapy

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Is a remedial massage the solution your sore muscles have been demanding? If back pain, neck pain, or soft tissue dilemmas are what you’re up against, our remedial massage crew is prepared to step in. Taking a holistic stance on your treatment, we see your body as the detailed network it truly is and incorporate educational advice as part of our pledge to superior healthcare. Reserve your Macleod remedial massage appointment today! 

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