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Did you know that a wide array of massage types exist? For some, the ideal is a tranquil massage by the shoreline, yet for others, it’s a rigorous deep tissue massage that comes to mind. Each viewpoint is accurate—it just depends on your personal needs! 

Remedial massage therapy blends features of several massage techniques to concentrate on distinct musculoskeletal problems and injuries. Aimed at alleviating pain from tense muscles, soreness, sports injuries, and other ailments, this form of therapeutic massage includes a customised treatment plan aligned with your specific needs and aspirations. Seeking a massage therapist in Oak Park who commits to getting to know you within a supportive and warm environment? Look no further! 

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Massage Treatments We Offer

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Remedial Massage

A remedial massage aims to identify and address specific ailments and injuries, potentially including multiple types of massage therapy to suit your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

In a deep tissue massage, your therapist applies strong pressure to penetrate deep muscle and tissue layers, with the goal of dissolving persistent muscle tension and knots.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is tailored to assist athletes during their training, focusing on enhancing recovery, preventing injuries, and ensuring peak performance in their sport.

Pregnancy Massage

The physical demands of pregnancy on expectant mothers can be considerable, and pregnancy massage seeks to help with the associated discomforts. Massage therapists often apply mild techniques aiming to induce relaxation, soften muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and alleviate stress.

Dry Needling

Dry needling, a technique used in some massage therapies, involves the use of thin, sterile needles that are inserted into trigger points in tight muscles, with the aim of reducing pain and relieving tension.


Cupping is a technique where suction cups are placed on the skin by your massage therapist, causing a 'vacuum' effect on the underlying muscle. It aims to help by improving blood circulation and enabling tense muscles to unwind.

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Understanding Massage's Therapeutic Effects

As the approach to remedial massage is customised for everyone, the benefits observed can vary between individuals. Some potential benefits that may be experienced include: 

Release of Muscle Tension
Boosted Blood Flow
Decreased Stress
Lessened Aches and Pain
Decreased Inflammation
Improved Tissue Healing
Improved Postural Stability
Enhanced Wellbeing
Improved Range of Motion
Remedial Massage Oak Park

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Your Massage Questions Answered

Deciding on the best course of action relies on the specifics of your injury, your aspirations for wellness, and your overall attitude towards health. For some, seeking remedial massage therapy from an adept therapist could serve as an effective means to manage and possibly diminish pain, while others might be more inclined towards physiotherapy, with some choosing to combine the two modalities. If you’re considering physiotherapy or a remedial massage from a therapist near Oak Park, our team at Specific Physiotherapy is on standby to welcome you. 

The goal of a relaxation massage is to alleviate stress through extensive, smooth, gentle strokes along with soft kneading. Therapists may advise a relaxation massage within the scope of a pregnancy massage, corporate massage, or any scenario aimed at relaxation. On the flip side, remedial massage is concentrated on easing pain, such as pain in the neck, back, or other areas of the body, incorporating a thorough assessment as part of its treatment approach. Although a remedial massage can contribute to relaxation, easing pain is typically its central aim. 

A remedial massage can offer advantages to many, yet its suitability for you will depend on your personal requirements, objectives, and any existing health concerns. At your remedial massage session, your therapist will take these and other aspects into account before initiating a tailored treatment strategy. 

In need of a remedial massage around Oak Park? We’re conveniently close! Locate us at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

While it’s rare for a remedial massage to be painful, the use of specific techniques might induce minor discomfort in some cases. At Specific Physiotherapy, we ensure that your remedial massage is as comfortable as possible by keeping an open line of communication with you throughout your session. 

Specific Physiotherapy

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Holistic Treatment

Regardless of the nature of your pain, we adopt a comprehensive strategy aiming to treat your entire body.

In-House Physios

Our skilled physiotherapists are here for you at your time of need.

Individualised to You

Instead of depending on standard approaches, we personalise your treatment, offering you enhanced value for your investment.

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Could a remedial massage be the relief your weary muscles have been seeking? If you’re contending with back ache, neck strain, or soft tissue troubles, our remedial massage team is here to help. Our holistic care strategy treats your body as the complex system it is, complemented by educational guidance in line with our high healthcare standards. Schedule your Oak Park remedial massage today! 

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