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Did you know that a wide array of massage types exist? For some, the ideal is a tranquil massage by the shoreline, yet for others, it’s a rigorous deep tissue massage that comes to mind. Each viewpoint is accurate—it just depends on your personal needs! 

Remedial massage therapy blends features of several massage techniques to concentrate on distinct musculoskeletal problems and injuries. Aimed at alleviating pain from tense muscles, soreness, sports injuries, and other ailments, this form of therapeutic massage includes a customised treatment plan aligned with your specific needs and aspirations. Seeking a massage therapist in Pascoe Vale who commits to getting to know you within a supportive and warm environment? Look no further! 

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Massage Treatments Pascoe Vale

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is centred on identifying and remedying specific issues and injuries, and can involve numerous massage techniques tailored to your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage involves the application of substantial pressure by your therapist to reach the inner layers of muscle and tissue, targeting the relief of chronic muscle tightness and knots.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is crafted to aid athletes in their training regimen, aiming to foster healing, avert injuries, and support optimal functioning in their sporting activities.

Pregnancy Massage

Carrying a child can be tough for expectant mothers, and pregnancy massage is targeted at easing the discomforts that typically arise. Therapists often use softer massage methods in an effort to promote relaxation, reduce muscle strain, better circulation, and cut down on stress.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a therapeutic approach occasionally employed in massage therapy, involving the insertion of slim, sterilised needles into trigger points within tense muscles to help alleviate pain and lessen tension.


In the cupping process, suction cups are applied to the skin by your massage therapist, generating a 'vacuum' effect that affects the muscle underneath. Its purpose is to offer relief by stimulating blood flow and assisting in the relaxation of tight muscles.

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Understanding Massage's Therapeutic Effects

Remedial massage is highly personalised, so its benefits can be unique to each individual. Some common advantages that people may report include: 

Release of Muscle Tension
Enhanced Circulation
Lowered Stress Levels
Relief from Discomfort
Decreased Inflammation
Enhanced Healing of Tissues
Enhanced Postural Alignment
Better Overall Health
Better Mobility
Remedial Massage Pascoe Vale

Specific Physiotherapy


The right approach for you depends on your unique injury, wellness objectives, and your overall approach to well-being. For some, remedial massage therapy provided by a skilled therapist might be an excellent method to tackle and potentially ease pain, whereas others might lean towards physiotherapy, and some might opt to blend both strategies! If you’re considering physiotherapy or a remedial massage from a therapist near Pascoe Vale, our team at Specific Physiotherapy is ready to greet you. 

A relaxation massage is designed to diminish stress using elongated, fluid, gentle strokes and mild kneading. This type of massage might be suggested by a therapist as a component of pregnancy massage, corporate massage, or in any context where the aim is to unwind. A remedial massage is aimed at pain relief, addressing issues like neck discomfort, backache, or other bodily pains, following an in-depth evaluation within a treatment framework. While a remedial massage session can also foster relaxation, its primary objective is often to alleviate pain. 

Remedial massage may serve a broad spectrum of individuals positively, but its appropriateness for your specific situation will be influenced by your unique needs, aims, and any health issues you might be facing. During your appointment, your remedial massage therapist will evaluate these factors among others, prior to starting a customised treatment plan. 

Looking for a remedial massage in Pascoe Vale? Wherever you’re situated in the vicinity, we’re just a short journey away! Find us located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

While a remedial massage isn’t supposed to be painful, some individuals might feel a bit of discomfort depending on the techniques employed. At Specific Physiotherapy, we make your remedial massage a comfortable experience by maintaining open communication with you throughout the session. That’s what makes for a high-quality remedial massage! 

Specific Physiotherapy

Why Choose Specific Physio?

Holistic Philosophy

Regardless of the nature of your pain, we adopt a comprehensive strategy aiming to treat your entire body.

In-House Physiotherapists

Our skilled physiotherapists are ready to help at the times you need us the most.

Customised to You

We tailor your treatment specifically to you, moving beyond generic information and methods, to provide you with greater value.

Specific Physiotherapy

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A remedial massage might be the answer to your aching muscles’ needs! Facing issues like back pain, neck discomfort, or soft tissue complications? Our remedial massage team is ready to tackle them. We approach your well-being holistically, consider your body’s complex interconnections, and offer insights as a part of our dedication to top-quality healthcare. Book your Pascoe Vale remedial massage appointment now! 

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