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Are you aware of the variety of massage techniques available? Some picture a calming massage near the ocean, while others think of an intense deep tissue experience. Both perspectives are valid—it all comes down to your preferences! 

Remedial massage therapy incorporates elements from multiple massage types, focusing on specific musculoskeletal ailments and injuries through specific techniques. Aimed at providing relief from muscle tightness, soreness, sports injuries, and other issues, this therapeutic massage approach includes a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your distinct needs and objectives. If you’re searching for a Thomastown massage therapist who makes an effort to know you in a supportive and welcoming setting, your search ends here! 

Specific Physiotherapy

Our Massage Treatments

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Remedial Massage

Focusing on the identification and treatment of distinct conditions and injuries, a remedial massage may utilise a range of massage treatments depending on your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

In a deep tissue massage, your therapist applies strong pressure to penetrate deep muscle and tissue layers, with the goal of dissolving persistent muscle tension and knots.

Sports Massage

Designed for athletes, a sports massage supports their training by promoting healing, minimising injury risks, and enhancing performance in their chosen sport.

Pregnancy Massage

Expectant mothers often face physical challenges during pregnancy, and pregnancy massage is aimed at lessening the discomforts that frequently accompany this stage. Massage therapists usually utilise gentle strokes to foster relaxation, ease muscle stiffness, boost circulation, and lower stress levels.

Dry Needling

Dry needling, a technique used in some massage therapies, involves the use of thin, sterile needles that are inserted into trigger points in tight muscles, with the aim of reducing pain and relieving tension.


Cupping is a technique where suction cups are placed on the skin by your massage therapist, causing a 'vacuum' effect on the underlying muscle. It aims to help by improving blood circulation and enabling tense muscles to unwind.

Specific Physiotherapy

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How Massage Can Benefit You

As the approach to remedial massage is customised for everyone, the benefits observed can vary between individuals. Some potential benefits that may be experienced include: 

Alleviation of Muscle Tightness
Boosted Blood Flow
Decreased Stress
Alleviation of Aches and Pains
Reduced Swelling
Faster Tissue Recovery
Improved Postural Stability
Better Overall Health
Better Mobility
Remedial Massage Thomastown

Specific Physiotherapy


The right approach for you depends on your unique injury, wellness objectives, and your overall approach to well-being. For some, remedial massage therapy provided by a skilled therapist might be an excellent method to tackle and potentially ease pain, whereas others might lean towards physiotherapy, and some might opt to blend both strategies! If you’re considering physiotherapy or a remedial massage from a therapist near Thomastown, our team at Specific Physiotherapy is ready to greet you. 

Relaxation massage aims to lower stress levels with prolonged, flowing, gentle strokes and tender kneading. It might be part of a pregnancy massage, corporate massage, or any situation where the primary goal is relaxation, as recommended by a massage therapist. In contrast, remedial massage concentrates on relieving pain, such as neck or back pain or other body aches, with a detailed assessment forming part of the treatment plan. Although relaxation may occur during a remedial massage, the main focus is typically on pain relief. 

A remedial massage can offer advantages to many, yet its suitability for you will depend on your personal requirements, objectives, and any existing health concerns. At your remedial massage session, your therapist will take these and other aspects into account before initiating a tailored treatment strategy. 

On the lookout for a remedial massage in Thomastown? Wherever you find yourself in the area, we’re not far off! We’re situated at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

Although a remedial massage is generally not painful, certain techniques may cause mild discomfort for some. At Specific Physiotherapy, we prioritize your comfort during your remedial massage by keeping in constant dialogue with you. This approach ensures a superior remedial massage experience. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Why Work With Us?

Holistic Philosophy

Whatever your pain experience might be, we employ a holistic approach in an attempt to cater to your whole body.

Onsite Physiotherapists

When you're in need, our experienced physiotherapists are here to assist.

Individualised to You

Your treatment is customised to your individual needs instead of using one-size-fits-all solutions, ensuring you get better value for your investment.

Specific Physiotherapy

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Could a remedial massage be the relief your weary muscles have been seeking? If you’re contending with back ache, neck strain, or soft tissue troubles, our remedial massage team is here to help. Our holistic care strategy treats your body as the complex system it is, complemented by educational guidance in line with our high healthcare standards. Schedule your Thomastown remedial massage today! 

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