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Holistic therapy for your pain or discomfort. 

Myotherapy Glenroy

Specific Physiotherapy

Myotherapy for Managing Musculoskeletal Discomfort

In the quest to find relief for joint pain, muscle tension, and soft tissue ailments, you may gravitate towards remedial massage and natural health practices. But, is myotherapy on your radar? It might be the ideal solution your body has been craving!   

Myotherapy employs physical therapy practices to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints, muscles, and the body as a whole. It’s likewise utilised for preventative measures, aiming to increase circulation, assist with either acute or chronic issues, and soothe pain associated with ailments such as tension headaches. If you have a soft tissue injury or even referral pain, myotherapy may play a key role in your path to rehabilitation. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Myotherapy: Practical Hands-On Techniques

Myotherapy offers an array of hands-on healing techniques, depending on your personal preferences. This might include options like remedial massage, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilisation for some, or perhaps deep tissue massage, dry needling, or other manual techniques for others. At Specific Physiotherapy, we value your input. Let us know about the problems you’re experiencing with your muscles, any nervous system issues, and your opinion on holistic health strategies like massage, and we’ll collaboratively navigate the path to myotherapy. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Care for Soft Tissue Aches and Pains

Exploring different massage treatments and physical therapy options without making progress can be frustrating. Musculoskeletal disorders are unique to each individual, suggesting the importance of finding a tailored treatment that addresses your condition and its influence on you! Myotherapy treatments could provide benefits for people with: 

Soft Tissue-Based Injuries 
Referral pain
Muscle Stiffness
Joint Soreness
Persistent Pain Conditions
Myotherapist Glenroy

Specific Physiotherapy

Looking forward to an appointment with a Myotherapist at Specific Physiotherapy?

Secure your appointment with one of our myotherapists today. 

Specific Physiotherapy


You don’t require a referral to consult with a myotherapist. Interested in myotherapy? Go ahead and schedule your session online today! 

Many find myotherapy effective in dealing with chronic pain conditions. To get more information, please see our chronic pain page here. 

Myotherapy has potential benefits for sports injuries, influenced by the injury’s specifics and intensity. Seeking a myotherapist’s help for a sports injury typically includes evaluating the injury to ascertain the potential effectiveness of myotherapy treatments. 

You’ll find Specific Physiotherapy just around the corner from Glenroy in Preston, located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

Your specific condition and aims will dictate how many myotherapy sessions are necessary. At your initial appointment and evaluation, we’ll outline a treatment strategy and estimate the number of sessions required. 

Specific Physiotherapy

WWhy Choose Us?

Adopted by Leading Sports Figures

Our team collaborates with professional athletes, counting current AFL players among them, and we extend the same standard of care to you as we do to them.

Holistic Manual Therapy

From deep tissue massage to dry needling or another type of manual therapy, our hands-on treatments are designed to provide you with the individualised care you require.

You Are Central to Your Care Plan

In our practice, we concentrate on holistic care, where you are the decision-maker from start to finish.

Specific Physiotherapy

Make Your Myotherapy Booking Today

If you’re facing issues like sports injuries, muscle stiffness, or other health problems, myotherapy could be beneficial for you. The team at Specific Physiotherapy near Glenroy delivers a broad spectrum of treatments, including massage, and is dedicated to assisting you. Book your appointment today to find out the ways in which myotherapy could be beneficial for you! 

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