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Myotherapy Heidelberg

Direct, hands-on care for routine aches and pains. 

Myotherapy Heidelberg

Specific Physiotherapy

Addressing Musculoskeletal Pain Through Myotherapy

If you’re exploring ways to alleviate joint aches, muscle stiffness, and issues with soft tissue structures, remedies like remedial massage and natural health solutions likely come to mind. But, have you given thought to myotherapy? It might be the missing piece your body has been seeking!   

Myotherapy focuses on physical therapy techniques to tackle pain and stiffness in the joints, muscles, and body broadly. It’s also a preventative tool, intended to boost blood flow, aid with short-term or long-term conditions, and alleviate pain from conditions like tension headaches. Whether it’s a soft tissue injury or referral pain you’re experiencing, myotherapy could be a key tool in your recovery process. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Myotherapy: A Direct, Hands-On Treatment

The practice of myotherapy includes numerous hands-on therapeutic methods, catered to what you find most beneficial. This could mean engaging in remedial massage, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilisation for some, while for others, it might be deep tissue massage, dry needling, or other hands-on treatments. At Specific Physiotherapy, we’re open to your preferences. Tell us about the issues with your muscles, any concerns with your nervous system, and your thoughts on natural health treatments like various massage techniques, and together, we’ll craft a myotherapy plan that works for you. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Care for Soft Tissue Aches and Pains

Exploring different massage treatments and physical therapy options without making progress can be frustrating. Musculoskeletal disorders are unique to each individual, suggesting the importance of finding a tailored treatment that addresses your condition and its influence on you! Myotherapy treatments could provide benefits for people with: 

Soft Tissue-Based Injuries 
Referral pain
Muscular Tightness
Pain and Stiffness in Joints
Long-Term Pain Disorders
Myotherapist Heidelberg

Specific Physiotherapy

Thinking about visiting a Myotherapist at Specific Physiotherapy?

Make a booking for your first visit with a myotherapist at our clinic today. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Your Myotherapy Questions

A referral isn’t needed to visit a myotherapist. Keen on trying myotherapy? Book your appointment online today! 

Many individuals discover that myotherapy offers relief for chronic pain conditions. For further details, check out our chronic pain page here. 

Myotherapy could be beneficial for sports injuries, with the effectiveness varying based on the injury’s nature and severity. A consultation with a myotherapist for a sports injury usually includes an evaluation of the injury to determine its suitability for myotherapy treatment approaches. 

You’ll find Specific Physiotherapy just around the corner from Heidelberg in Preston, located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

The amount of myotherapy sessions needed will be determined by your unique condition and targets. In your introductory session and assessment, we’ll develop a treatment plan and discuss the likely number of sessions you’ll require. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Why opt for Specific Physiotherapy?

Adopted by Leading Sports Figures

We count professional athletes, such as active AFL players, in our clientele, and we guarantee you receive the same level of attention and care as they do.

Hands-On Care

From deep tissue massage to dry needling or another type of manual therapy, our hands-on treatments are designed to provide you with the individualised care you require.

Your Well-being is Our Priority

Our emphasis is on delivering holistic care, with you having the ultimate say in your treatment.

Specific Physiotherapy

Arrange Your Myotherapy Consultation Today

Myotherapy could suit you if you’re navigating a sports injury, muscle tension, or another health concern. At Specific Physiotherapy near Heidelberg, our team provides an array of treatment options, such as massage, ready to support you. Schedule your visit now to explore the potential benefits of myotherapy for your situation! 

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