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Holistic therapy for your pain or discomfort. 

Myotherapy Kingsbury

Specific Physiotherapy

Addressing Musculoskeletal Pain Through Myotherapy

As you look into options for easing joint soreness, muscle constriction, and soft tissue problems, you’re probably considering remedial massage and holistic health treatments. But, have you considered myotherapy? It could be the exact remedy your body desires!   

Myotherapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on alleviating discomfort and rigidity in the joints, muscles, and the entire body. It’s also employed for preventive care, striving to enhance circulation, support acute or long-standing conditions, and mitigate pain from problems like tension headaches. Whether you’re dealing with a soft tissue injury or referred pain, myotherapy could be vital to your recovery path. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Myotherapy: Engaging in Hands-On Care

Myotherapy encompasses a variety of hands-on treatments tailored to your individual needs. For some, this might involve remedial massage, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilisation. For others, it could mean deep tissue massage, dry needling, or additional manual therapies. At Specific Physiotherapy, we’re all about flexibility! Share your concerns regarding your muscles, nervous system, and your views on holistic health remedies like massage, and we’ll collaboratively explore myotherapy options. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Easing Soft Tissue Aches and Pains

Have you gone through a range of massage and physical therapy sessions, only to find yourself back to where you began? Musculoskeletal problems are uniquely personal, implying the necessity to uncover a treatment that resonates with your condition and its repercussions on you! Myotherapy treatments might be suitable for those experiencing: 

Injuries Related to Soft Tissue 
Referral pain
Tension in Muscles
Pain and Stiffness in Joints
Chronic Pain Syndromes
Myotherapist Kingsbury

Specific Physiotherapy

Looking forward to an appointment with a Myotherapist at Specific Physiotherapy?

Make a booking for your first visit with a myotherapist at our clinic today. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Your Myotherapy Questions

You don’t require a referral to consult with a myotherapist. Interested in myotherapy? Go ahead and schedule your session online today! 

Many find myotherapy effective in dealing with chronic pain conditions. To get more information, please see our chronic pain page here. 

Myotherapy may assist with sports injuries, contingent upon the type of injury and its level of severity. An appointment with a myotherapist for a sports injury will generally involve an assessment to gauge whether and how the injury might benefit from myotherapy treatment methods. 

Located justa round the corner from Kingsbury in Preston, Specific Physiotherapy is at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

Your specific condition and aims will dictate how many myotherapy sessions are necessary. At your initial appointment and evaluation, we’ll outline a treatment strategy and estimate the number of sessions required. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Why opt for Specific Physiotherapy?

Adopted by Leading Sports Figures

We work with professional athletes, including those playing in the AFL, and assure you of the same high-quality care that we provide them.

Hands-On Care

Whether it's deep tissue massage, dry needling, or any other manual therapy, our hands-on treatment approach guarantees the tailored care you deserve.

Your Well-being is Our Priority

In our practice, we concentrate on holistic care, where you are the decision-maker from start to finish.

Specific Physiotherapy

Schedule Your Myotherapy Session Now

Myotherapy could suit you if you’re navigating a sports injury, muscle tension, or another health concern. At Specific Physiotherapy near Kingsbury, our team provides an array of treatment options, such as massage, ready to support you. Schedule your visit now to explore the potential benefits of myotherapy for your situation! 

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