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Hands-on treatment aimed at alleviating your everyday aches and pains. 

Myotherapy Macleod

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Addressing Musculoskeletal Pain Through Myotherapy

If you’re exploring ways to alleviate joint aches, muscle stiffness, and issues with soft tissue structures, remedies like remedial massage and natural health solutions likely come to mind. But, have you given thought to myotherapy? It might be the missing piece your body has been seeking!   

Myotherapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on alleviating discomfort and rigidity in the joints, muscles, and the entire body. It’s also employed for preventive care, striving to enhance circulation, support acute or long-standing conditions, and mitigate pain from problems like tension headaches. Whether you’re dealing with a soft tissue injury or referred pain, myotherapy could be vital to your recovery path. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Myotherapy: Practical Hands-On Techniques

Within the realm of myotherapy, there’s a broad spectrum of manual therapies based on what suits you best. This could range from remedial massage, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilisation for some, to deep tissue massage, dry needling, or various manual techniques for others. At Specific Physiotherapy, we believe in choice. Discuss your muscle issues, nervous system concerns, and preferences for natural health treatments such as different massage methods, and we’ll tailor our myotherapy approach together. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Care for Soft Tissue Aches and Pains

If you’ve tried numerous massage and physical therapy techniques but still find yourself at a standstill, remember that musculoskeletal issues differ widely among individuals. It’s essential to identify the treatment that suits your particular condition and its effects on you! Myotherapy treatments might offer relief to those with: 

Soft Tissue Injury Types 
Referral pain
Muscular Tightness
Pain and Stiffness in Joints
Chronic Pain Syndromes
Myotherapist Macleod

Specific Physiotherapy

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Your Myotherapy Questions

There’s no need for a referral to book a session with a myotherapist. If you’re considering myotherapy, you can easily arrange your appointment online today! 

Quite a few individuals report relief from chronic pain conditions through myotherapy. For additional information, you can view our chronic pain page here. 

Myotherapy has potential benefits for sports injuries, influenced by the injury’s specifics and intensity. Seeking a myotherapist’s help for a sports injury typically includes evaluating the injury to ascertain the potential effectiveness of myotherapy treatments. 

You’ll find Specific Physiotherapy just around the corner from Macleod in Preston, located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston Vic. 

The amount of myotherapy sessions needed will be determined by your unique condition and targets. In your introductory session and assessment, we’ll develop a treatment plan and discuss the likely number of sessions you’ll require. 

Specific Physiotherapy

WWhy Choose Us?

Consulted by Top Athletes

We work with professional athletes, including those playing in the AFL, and assure you of the same high-quality care that we provide them.

Practical Therapy Approach

Regardless of whether you opt for deep tissue massage, dry needling, or another manual therapy technique, our hands-on treatment style means you'll receive the customised care that's right for you.

You're the Focus of Your Treatment

Our approach centres on holistic care, where your voice is the first and the last in your care journey.

Specific Physiotherapy

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If you’re facing issues like sports injuries, muscle stiffness, or other health problems, myotherapy could be beneficial for you. The team at Specific Physiotherapy near Macleod delivers a broad spectrum of treatments, including massage, and is dedicated to assisting you. Book your appointment today to find out the ways in which myotherapy could be beneficial for you! 

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