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Benefit from extended appointment times, individualised treatment strategies, and goal-focused therapeutic methods.
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Specific Physiotherapy

Your Personal Watsonia Physiotherapy Centre

No matter where the pain is in your body, we recognise its potential to influence your physical well-being and the general quality of your life. We’re committed to helping you experience all the joys life presents!  

Our focus at Specific Physiotherapy extends beyond symptoms to include manual therapy designed for your personal aims, conducted by our highly skilled healthcare professionals. We possess a thorough knowledge of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, and our all-encompassing approach means we see you as an entire person, not simply as an injury or condition.  

Specific Physiotherapy

Specific Physiotherapy: Customised Treatment Solutions

At Specific Physiotherapy, our Watsonia physiotherapists are dedicated to identifying the ideal treatment for you, guiding you towards peak health. We acknowledge that every body is unique, thus necessitating distinct treatment strategies for each individual.

Physiotherapy Watsonia
Our approach includes reviewing your medical history together to comprehend your chronic condition, sports injury, or musculoskeletal conditions, and then detailing our treatment choices, which encompass hands-on therapies, among others:
Dry needling
Joint manipulation (often used for ankles, knees, the spine, etc)
Trigger point therapy
Strength and conditioning exercises
We may suggest particular exercises and provide educational content tailored just for you as part of your physiotherapy. Rather than generic handouts, we invest time in explaining the anatomy of your injury or condition, detailing expected recovery periods, including how long managing the injury might take, your prognosis, and advice on injury prevention. Our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing premium care, and our clinic aims to be at the forefront of physio treatment.
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Specific Physiotherapy

Conditions We Treat

Specific Physiotherapy

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Specific Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Watsonia: How We Work

1. First Evaluation

During your physiotherapy consultation, we'll talk about your concerns and medical history, and carry out a comprehensive assessment. We'll collect all necessary details regarding your chronic condition, musculoskeletal injuries, or sports injuries, and determine which manual therapy is best suited for your specific requirements.

2. Education and Customised Treatment Plan

Now that we understand your situation, it's our chance to enlighten you! We use visual learning tools, including anatomy models and informative posters, to give you a detailed explanation of your condition. Afterwards, we'll present your manual therapy options and seek your input.

3. Manual Therapy Techniques

Our physiotherapy clinic proudly offers hands-on treatments, whether it's dry needling, joint mobilisation, Clinical Pilates, remedial massage, or a combination thereof, always with a smile and warm welcome.

4. Training and Ongoing Support

We believe treatment involves more than just physical manipulation. Continuously supporting you to avoid future injuries is part of our commitment, considering injury prevention is crucial for everyone, not only for those presently injured.

Specific Physiotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

A referral isn’t necessary for a physiotherapy consultation. Book your session online at our clinic, and we will work alongside you to craft a specific treatment plan.  

Yes, managing chronic pain is part of our services. We recognise the role chronic pain can play and strive to help you manage it effectively. The Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) initiative provides access to up to five allied health sessions per calendar year for individuals with EPC plans, and we have considerable experience in working with chronic conditions under this program. Visit our chronic pain page for more information.  

Certainly! Our team is renowned for our work with AFL teams and ongoing partnerships with numerous AFL athletes. No matter if your ambition is to join the ranks of the Magpies, Hawks, or to simply improve your athletic abilities for local soccer games with your kids, we provide support to athletes of varied skills and strengths. 

Yes, frequently, treatment can commence on the same day as your initial evaluation. There could be situations where this isn’t practicable, like needing a referral for more comprehensive analysis. In most cases, you can expect to begin treatment on your assessment day.  

Specific Physiotherapy’s clinic is located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, Vic, ideal for your local physiotherapy requirements. 

The amount of physio sessions required varies based on your particular condition and objectives, meaning there isn’t a standard number of appointments for everyone. We’ll provide an estimate of the sessions you might need during your initial session and keep you updated if this changes during your treatment.  

Absolutely, we cater to both private patients and those associated with TAC and WorkCover. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can assist you.  

Specific Physiotherapy

Why Specific Physiotherapy?

Personalised Approach

In addition to personalised patient education, our approach is hands-on, offering superb value for money and improved dialogue among all parties.

Chosen by Pro Athletes

The team at Specific Physiotherapy collaborates with professional athletes, including members of the Hawthorn Football Club, who rely on us to assist them in climbing the ranks.

Engaged in Your Treatment

The customised care at our clinic provides you with increased one-on-one time with your physiotherapist, enabling us to better identify and address your pain points.

Specific Physiotherapy

Schedule Your Physiotherapy Appointment Today

Understanding that your aspirations are as individual as you, we tailor our approach to your holistic care. At Specific Physiotherapy, our team’s concern goes beyond your injury or condition – we focus on your complete well-being. We offer not just treatment, but support and empathy, ensuring you’re comfortable on the path to achieving your personal goals.  

Schedule your appointment now for guidance from a team dedicated to exercise, education, and enhancing functional capabilities.  

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