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Sports Physiotherapy Coburg

Active physiotherapy strategies dedicated to the rehabilitation of sports injuries and the elevation of sports performance.
Sports Physiotherapy Coburg

Specific Physiotherapy

Transform the Athlete Within

Sport is integral to our existence, bringing with it happiness, physical fitness, and entertainment for many. For some, it goes beyond and becomes a career. At Specific Physiotherapy, we strive to deliver unparalleled sports healthcare services to enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re recuperating from an injury, aiming to elevate your athletic performance, or looking to sidestep future injuries, our experienced team of physiotherapists is eager to help.

Specific Physiotherapy

A Physiotherapy Practice With a Love of Sport

Our team at Specific Physiotherapy have a passion for the management and prevention of sports injuries, as well as in boosting athletic performance. Several of our physiotherapists are closely linked with top-tier athletes, including those in the AFL, and have a background in working within the elite sports sphere at AFL clubs. Expect the following when you seek sports physio treatment with us:

1. Comprehensive Analysis 

Firstly, we’ll begin with a thorough assessment, taking into account your current symptoms and your historical medical details. 

2. Therapy Program 

Following that, our physiotherapists will devise a tailored treatment plan specifically for your sports injury. 

3. In-Clinic Hands-On Techniques 

Our lengthier consultation slots ensure more personalised time with your physio, during which they’ll utilise approaches tailored to your needs, like remedial massage, joint mobilisation, and dry needling, to name a few. 

4. Tailored Exercise Recommendations 

Here, we steer clear of routine exercise sheets and commonplace handouts. Rather, we embrace a tailored approach, providing a plan that’s custom-fitted to your needs. Plus, we offer Clinical Pilates right on our premises! 

5. Continued Care and Proactive Injury Safeguards 

Following your initial treatment regime, our team is dedicated to your ongoing support. We consider injury prevention and the minimisation of re-injury, as well as enhancing sports performance, to aid you in performing your best, whether that’s on the field, track, court, or stage! 

Sports Physio Coburg

Specific Physiotherapy

From Treatment to Excellence

Our team boasts a wealth of experience in managing a wide array of sports injuries, encompassing sprains, strains, tendinopathies, knee and shoulder injuries, overuse issues, muscle cramps and spasms, as well as neck and back injuries, to name a few. We utilise manual therapy, educational support for our patients, and custom exercises to treat these musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. In addition, we offer conditioning support to help you optimise your sports performance, including movement analysis and correction, strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility enhancement, injury prevention strategies, performance enhancement training, sport-specific rehabilitation, and educational programs. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Your Sports Physio Questions Answered

Located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, Specific Physiotherapy serves those in Coburg and nearby areas with tailored sports treatment options. 

You can easily schedule your appointment online without a GP referral, unless you’re coming in on an EPC Plan (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) for chronic conditions. 

Our physiotherapists, skilled healthcare providers, strive to diagnose during your initial visit. However, further examinations might be required for a conclusive diagnosis. Regardless, we’ll closely collaborate with you to establish a management plan tailored to your goals. 

Our treatment strategies are designed to suit your unique needs, however we do provide Clinical Pilates at our Preston physiotherapy clinic. It’s an exceptional complementary fitness option for athletes, offering great rehabilitation benefits and aiding in injury prevention. 

Sports physiotherapy offers a proactive strategy for injury prevention by pinpointing potential weaknesses, imbalances, or mobility restrictions within your musculoskeletal system. From these insights, we craft personalised exercise and conditioning regimes that not only fortify these areas but also boost your general strength, flexibility, and stamina. In addition, we provide guidance on correct physical activity techniques, empowering you to engage in your preferred sports more safely and confidently. 

General physiotherapy encompasses various conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, but sports physiotherapy concentrates on issues and injuries associated with physical activity and sports. Our sports physiotherapists have extensive experience in sporting injuries, performance enhancement, and the particular requirements of different sports, making it possible for them to tailor a treatment plan that caters to your unique athletic goals. 

For sure! Sports physiotherapy is immensely beneficial for all individuals involved in physical activities, not solely for professional athletes. It serves weekend athletes, fitness lovers, or anyone wishing to embrace a more physically active routine. Sports physiotherapy contributes to recovering from injuries, warding off future injuries, and elevating physical prowess. Its principles are universal, making it a valuable resource for safely and effectively engaging in any sport or physical activity. 

Sports physiotherapy is particularly adept at managing long-standing conditions or old injuries. By assessing the injury’s impact on your current physical capabilities, a sports physiotherapist can develop a personalised recovery plan that targets reducing ongoing pain, increasing mobility, and restoring strength and function to the affected areas. 

Recovery periods for sports injuries differ, influenced by the specific injury, its seriousness, your overall physical state, and your treatment responsiveness. Our team of sports physiotherapists will craft a personalised recovery timeline after your first assessment, making adjustments as necessary throughout the course of your treatment. 

A range of techniques is available, from exercise therapy and remedial sports massage to manual therapy, joint mobilisation, and dry needling. We work in partnership with you to ascertain the most suitable treatment plan for achieving your aims. 

Specific Physiotherapy

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Ready to engage with our experienced physios for your sports injury recovery or to advance your sports performance? Make your appointment online today. We’re looking forward to creating a plan that may help diminish pain, boost performance, and enhance your wellness.

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