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Practical physiotherapy techniques focused on sports injuries and athletic performance enhancement.
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Specific Physiotherapy

Transform the Athlete Within

Sport can be a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, offering enjoyment, physical well-being, and entertainment to many. For some, it also represents a professional path. Our mission at Specific Physiotherapy is to offer superior care in sports medicine to athletes at every level. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, aiming to boost your performance, or seeking to prevent injuries before they occur, our knowledgeable physio team are ready to support your journey.

Specific Physiotherapy

A Physiotherapy Practice With a Love of Sport

At Specific Physiotherapy, managing sports injuries, averting them, and improving sports performance are areas our practitioners are particularly passionate about. Many of our physios have direct connections with professional athletes, notably AFL players, and possess experience from working in elite sporting environments at AFL clubs. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you when you visit for sports physiotherapy treatment:

1. In-depth Assessment 

First up, we’ll kick things off with an initial evaluation, delving not only into your present symptoms but also your past medical history. 

2. Rehabilitation Strategy 

Then, our physiotherapists will craft a customised treatment strategy for your sports-related injury. 

3. On-Site Physical Therapies 

Thanks to our generous appointment lengths, you’ll benefit from more dedicated time with your physio, who will use a range of techniques customised for you, such as remedial massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling, and beyond. 

4. Specific Exercise Guidance 

Forget about the typical exercise sheets and generic printouts here. We take a custom approach, ensuring your rehabilitation plan is specially crafted for you. Plus, we have Clinical Pilates available right here on-site! 

5. Long-Term Maintenance and Injury Prevention 

Following your initial treatment regime, our team is dedicated to your ongoing support. We consider injury prevention and the minimisation of re-injury, as well as enhancing sports performance, to aid you in performing your best, whether that’s on the field, track, court, or stage! 

Sports Physio Ivanhoe

Specific Physiotherapy

From Recuperation to Athletic Performance

Our experienced team has treated various sports injuries such as sprains, strains, tendinopathies, injuries to the knee and shoulder, overuse conditions, muscle cramps and spasms, and injuries to the neck and back, among others. We use a combination of manual therapy, educational support for patients, and personalised exercise regimes to tackle these musculoskeletal injuries and chronic issues. We assist with conditioning to boost your sports performance, which covers movement analysis and correction, strength and conditioning programs, enhancing flexibility and mobility, developing injury prevention programs, performance enhancement training, sports-specific rehabilitation, and educational support. 

Specific Physiotherapy


Located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, Specific Physiotherapy serves those in Ivanhoe and nearby areas with tailored sports treatment options. 

You can easily schedule your appointment online without a GP referral, unless you’re coming in on an EPC Plan (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) for chronic conditions. 

Our physiotherapists are highly trained healthcare professionals committed to offering a diagnosis in your first consultation. In some cases, further investigation may be needed. Regardless of a confirmed diagnosis, we’ll collaborate with you to devise a management plan that meets your objectives. 

Our treatment strategies are designed to suit your unique needs, however we do provide Clinical Pilates at our Preston physiotherapy clinic. It’s an exceptional complementary fitness option for athletes, offering great rehabilitation benefits and aiding in injury prevention. 

Utilising sports physiotherapy, we take a preventative stance against injuries by identifying any weaknesses, imbalances, or mobility limitations unique to your body’s structure. Based on our findings, we develop tailored exercise and conditioning plans that not only mitigate these vulnerabilities but also improve your overall strength, flexibility, and endurance. We also offer advice on the proper execution of physical activities, enabling you to pursue your chosen sports with decreased risk and increased assurance. 

While general physiotherapy addresses a broad spectrum of conditions impacting the musculoskeletal system, sports physiotherapy zeroes in on complications and injuries stemming from physical activities and sports. Our sports physiotherapists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with sports-related injuries, boosting athletic performance, and understanding the specific requirements of different sports, enabling them to customise a treatment strategy that aligns with your distinct sports-related aspirations. 

Absolutely, sports physiotherapy isn’t limited to professional athletes; it’s beneficial for everyone who partakes in physical activities. From weekend sports enthusiasts and exercise buffs to individuals seeking an active lifestyle, sports physiotherapy can support injury rehabilitation, prevention, and the enhancement of overall physical function. The strategies used in sports physiotherapy are universally applicable, ensuring everyone can safely and effectively partake in their chosen physical activities or sports. 

Sports physiotherapy can play a crucial role in treating chronic conditions or lingering injuries. A sports physiotherapist can evaluate the severity of an injury and its effect on your present physical abilities, then craft a customised rehabilitation program aimed at reducing persistent discomfort, enhancing mobility, and rebuilding strength and functionality in the impacted region. 

Recovery periods for sports injuries differ, influenced by the specific injury, its seriousness, your overall physical state, and your treatment responsiveness. Our team of sports physiotherapists will craft a personalised recovery timeline after your first assessment, making adjustments as necessary throughout the course of your treatment. 

We adopt numerous techniques, such as exercise therapy, remedial sports massage, manual therapy, joint mobilisation, and dry needling, to cater to your needs. In collaboration with you, we determine the most beneficial treatment approach to attain your goals. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Begin Your Sports Physiotherapy Sessions Today

If you’re ready to collaborate with our skilled physiotherapists for sports injury rehabilitation or to achieve your performance aspirations, schedule your appointment online now. We look forward to developing a plan that could help alleviate pain, improve your performance, and enhance your well-being.

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