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Sports Physiotherapy Mill Park

Active physiotherapy strategies dedicated to the rehabilitation of sports injuries and the elevation of sports performance.
Sports Physiotherapy Mill Park

Specific Physiotherapy

Elevate Your Athletic Performance to New Heights

In our lives, sport serves a vital function. It’s a source of pleasure, health, and entertainment for countless individuals, while for others, it’s a professional pursuit. At Specific Physiotherapy, we’re dedicated to providing top-level sports healthcare to people engaged in sport at any level. If you’re battling an injury, striving to improve your performance, or keen on dodging future injuries, our capable physiotherapists are on hand to offer their assistance.

Specific Physiotherapy

A Physio Clinic Focused on Bringing out Your Best

At Specific Physiotherapy, managing sports injuries, averting them, and improving sports performance are areas our practitioners are particularly passionate about. Many of our physios have direct connections with professional athletes, notably AFL players, and possess experience from working in elite sporting environments at AFL clubs. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you when you visit for sports physiotherapy treatment:

1. Detailed Examination 

First up, we’ll kick things off with an initial evaluation, delving not only into your present symptoms but also your past medical history. 

2. Treatment Roadmap 

Next up, our physios will construct a personalised treatment regimen for your sports injury. 

3. On-Site Physical Therapies 

Our lengthier consultation slots ensure more personalised time with your physio, during which they’ll utilise approaches tailored to your needs, like remedial massage, joint mobilisation, and dry needling, to name a few. 

4. Specific Exercise Guidance 

Here, we steer clear of routine exercise sheets and commonplace handouts. Rather, we embrace a tailored approach, providing a plan that’s custom-fitted to your needs. Plus, we offer Clinical Pilates right on our premises! 

5. Continued Care and Proactive Injury Safeguards 

Following your initial treatment regime, our team is dedicated to your ongoing support. We consider injury prevention and the minimisation of re-injury, as well as enhancing sports performance, to aid you in performing your best, whether that’s on the field, track, court, or stage! 

Sports Physio Mill Park

Specific Physiotherapy

From Recuperation to Athletic Performance

Our team is seasoned in addressing a broad spectrum of sports injuries, from sprains and strains to tendinopathies, knee and shoulder injuries, overuse injuries, cramps and spasms, as well as neck and back injuries, among others. We employ a mix of hands-on therapy, educating our patients, and exercises tailored to the individual to manage these musculoskeletal issues and persistent conditions. Additionally, we provide support with conditioning to enhance your sports performance, encompassing movement analysis and improvement, strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility work, injury prevention strategies, training to boost performance, rehabilitation tailored to specific sports, and educational insights. 

Specific Physiotherapy


You’ll find Specific Physiotherapy at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, where our physiotherapists cater to sports-related needs for individuals from Mill Park and its surrounding locations. 

Simply book your appointment online; a GP referral is only necessary if you’re utilising an EPC Plan (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) for chronic conditions. 

Our team of physiotherapists are extensively trained healthcare practitioners who endeavour to give a diagnosis at your first appointment. Sometimes, though, more detailed investigations are necessary. Even without a definitive diagnosis, we’re dedicated to working with you to formulate a plan that reflects your goals. 

Treatment plans at our clinic are tailored to your specific requirements, but one additional offering is Clinical Pilates at our Preston physio clinic. This method is particularly beneficial for athletes as an extra fitness regimen, serving both as an strong rehabilitation tool and a preventive measure against future injuries. 

Sports physiotherapy enables a preventative approach to injuries by detecting areas of weakness, imbalance, or restricted mobility in your individual musculoskeletal framework. With this information, we create custom exercise and conditioning programs aimed at addressing these issues while also enhancing your total strength, flexibility, and endurance. We also provide education on appropriate techniques for physical activities, allowing you to participate in your favourite sports with less risk and more confidence. 

General physiotherapy deals with diverse conditions of the musculoskeletal system, but sports physiotherapy is dedicated to resolving problems and injuries that occur due to physical activity and sports. Our sports physiotherapists possess particular knowledge and experience in the realm of sports injuries, enhancement of performance, and the unique demands of various sports, allowing them to devise a treatment plan specifically tailored to your athletic goals. 

Sports physiotherapy offers benefits to all individuals engaged in physical activities, irrespective of their competitive level. Whether you’re a casual participant, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, or simply someone aspiring to be more active, sports physiotherapy can assist in recuperating from injuries, averting potential issues, and maximising physical performance. The core principles of sports physiotherapy are relevant to every level of activity, facilitating secure and effective involvement in any sporting or exercise endeavour. 

Utilising sports physiotherapy can be highly effective for chronic ailments or previous injuries. A sports physiotherapist will assess the injury’s scope and its repercussions on your current physical function, formulating a tailored rehabilitation plan designed to mitigate enduring pain, enhance mobility, and rejuvenate strength and functionality to the affected zone. 

Recovery periods for sports injuries differ, influenced by the specific injury, its seriousness, your overall physical state, and your treatment responsiveness. Our team of sports physiotherapists will craft a personalised recovery timeline after your first assessment, making adjustments as necessary throughout the course of your treatment. 

We adopt numerous techniques, such as exercise therapy, remedial sports massage, manual therapy, joint mobilisation, and dry needling, to cater to your needs. In collaboration with you, we determine the most beneficial treatment approach to attain your goals. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Embark on Your Sports Physiotherapy Journey Today

Ready to engage with our experienced physios for your sports injury recovery or to advance your sports performance? Make your appointment online today. We’re looking forward to creating a plan that may help diminish pain, boost performance, and enhance your wellness.

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