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Active physiotherapy strategies dedicated to the rehabilitation of sports injuries and the elevation of sports performance.
Sports Physiotherapy Thornbury

Specific Physiotherapy

Elevate Your Athletic Performance to New Heights

Sport is integral to our existence, bringing with it happiness, physical fitness, and entertainment for many. For some, it goes beyond and becomes a career. At Specific Physiotherapy, we strive to deliver unparalleled sports healthcare services to enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you’re recuperating from an injury, aiming to elevate your athletic performance, or looking to sidestep future injuries, our experienced team of physiotherapists is eager to help.

Specific Physiotherapy

A Sports-Focused Physiotherapy Hub

Our team at Specific Physiotherapy have a passion for the management and prevention of sports injuries, as well as in boosting athletic performance. Several of our physiotherapists are closely linked with top-tier athletes, including those in the AFL, and have a background in working within the elite sports sphere at AFL clubs. Expect the following when you seek sports physio treatment with us:

1. Comprehensive Analysis 

Firstly, we’ll begin with a thorough assessment, taking into account your current symptoms and your historical medical details. 

2. Recovery Blueprint 

From this, our team of physiotherapists will develop a custom treatment plan to address your sporting injury. 

3. On-Site Physical Therapies 

Thanks to our generous appointment lengths, you’ll benefit from more dedicated time with your physio, who will use a range of techniques customised for you, such as remedial massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling, and beyond. 

4. Specific Exercise Guidance 

You won’t come across the usual exercise sheets and off-the-shelf handouts here. Instead, we opt for a bespoke approach, ensuring your program is specifically designed for you. Additionally, we provide Clinical Pilates on-site! 

5. Long-Term Maintenance and Injury Prevention 

Following your initial treatment regime, our team is dedicated to your ongoing support. We consider injury prevention and the minimisation of re-injury, as well as enhancing sports performance, to aid you in performing your best, whether that’s on the field, track, court, or stage! 

Sports Physio Thornbury

Specific Physiotherapy

From Treatment to Excellence

Our team is seasoned in addressing a broad spectrum of sports injuries, from sprains and strains to tendinopathies, knee and shoulder injuries, overuse injuries, cramps and spasms, as well as neck and back injuries, among others. We employ a mix of hands-on therapy, educating our patients, and exercises tailored to the individual to manage these musculoskeletal issues and persistent conditions. Additionally, we provide support with conditioning to enhance your sports performance, encompassing movement analysis and improvement, strength and conditioning, flexibility and mobility work, injury prevention strategies, training to boost performance, rehabilitation tailored to specific sports, and educational insights. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Your Sports Physio Questions Answered

Located at 149 Plenty Road, Preston, Specific Physiotherapy serves those in Thornbury and nearby areas with tailored sports treatment options. 

Booking your appointment online is straightforward, with no need for a GP referral unless you’re visiting under an EPC Plan (Enhanced Primary Care Plan) for chronic conditions. 

Our team of physiotherapists are extensively trained healthcare practitioners who endeavour to give a diagnosis at your first appointment. Sometimes, though, more detailed investigations are necessary. Even without a definitive diagnosis, we’re dedicated to working with you to formulate a plan that reflects your goals. 

Our approach to treatment is personalised, catering to your individual needs. Among our offerings is Clinical Pilates at our Preston physiotherapy clinic, which many athletes find to be an excellent supplementary fitness activity. It’s also a valuable tool for rehabilitation and can help in preventing future injuries. 

Utilising sports physiotherapy, we take a preventative stance against injuries by identifying any weaknesses, imbalances, or mobility limitations unique to your body’s structure. Based on our findings, we develop tailored exercise and conditioning plans that not only mitigate these vulnerabilities but also improve your overall strength, flexibility, and endurance. We also offer advice on the proper execution of physical activities, enabling you to pursue your chosen sports with decreased risk and increased assurance. 

While general physiotherapy addresses a broad spectrum of conditions impacting the musculoskeletal system, sports physiotherapy zeroes in on complications and injuries stemming from physical activities and sports. Our sports physiotherapists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with sports-related injuries, boosting athletic performance, and understanding the specific requirements of different sports, enabling them to customise a treatment strategy that aligns with your distinct sports-related aspirations. 

Sports physiotherapy is advantageous for anyone involved in physical activities, not just professional athletes. It’s ideal for weekend warriors, fitness aficionados, or those aiming for an active lifestyle. Sports physiotherapy may aid in addressing injuries, preventing future ones, and enhancing physical capabilities. The fundamentals of sports physiotherapy are applicable across all activity intensities, guaranteeing safe and efficient engagement in any sport or physical exercise. 

Sports physiotherapy can also offer a strategy for chronic issues or past injuries. A sports physio can determine the injury’s extent and its influence on your physical performance, devising a personalised rehabilitation strategy to ease lasting pain, boost mobility, and recover strength and functionality in the impacted areas. 

The duration of recovery from a sports injury can differ based on the injury’s type and severity, your general physical health, and your response to the treatment. Our sports physiotherapists will offer a customised recovery schedule following your initial evaluation and will fine-tune this plan as your treatment advances. 

A range of techniques is available, from exercise therapy and remedial sports massage to manual therapy, joint mobilisation, and dry needling. We work in partnership with you to ascertain the most suitable treatment plan for achieving your aims. 

Specific Physiotherapy

Embark on Your Sports Physiotherapy Journey Today

If you’re all set to team up with our skilled physios for your sports injury management or performance enhancement goals, book your appointment online now. We’re excited to devise a strategy that aims to lessen discomfort, elevate your performance, and enhance your overall well-being.

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